The Power Of Accountability

3 views April 01, 2020

Being an ally for a friend in need may not be easy. It can be awkward to talk about the effects...


The Story of Covenant Eyes

53 views March 30, 2020

Covenant Eyes was founded in March of 2000 by Ron DeHaas and Collin Rose. There is a story behind...


The Number 1 App for a Porn-Free Marriage

32 views March 05, 2020

Is porn hurting your marriage? 💔 Discovering her husband uses porn may be one of the most...

CE Partners

Honest Talk Q&A: Covenant Eyes Questions and Answers with...

29 views February 03, 2020

John Fort from BeBroken Ministries sits down with Karen Potter and Sam Black from Covenant Eyes...

Support Videos

Allow List Is Here

1,681 views February 18, 2020

The new Covenant Eyes Allow List


Pastors Round Table-Kristen Jenson, Protect Young Minds

25 views January 22, 2020

Everyone says kids get into porn for one reason--curiosity. That’s not true.Recently Kristen...

Support Videos

Allow List announcement

131 views January 14, 2020

When we released Screen Accountability, in March 2019, we didn’t have custom settings for...


Lamar Odom - Think Of Family

22 views November 12, 2019

Lamar Odom is a two-time NBA champion, Olympic medalist, and reality TV star. He had it all. But...