Set Free Summit

Set Free Summit

Vicki Tiede - Healing a Wife's Wounded Heart

237 views January 06, 2020

When a husband is addicted to pornography, his wife often bears the fallout of his choices,...

Set Free Summit

Jessica Harris - More than Fantasy: Reaching...

212 views January 06, 2020

Women don't really watch pornography, do they? They're just not fantasy, not "real" pornography,...

Set Free Summit

Fr. Sean Kilcawley - Theology of the Body

187 views January 06, 2020

What is love? What is wrong with pornography anyway? Why can't I stop even though it's wrong?...

Set Free Summit

Dr. Jay Dennis - Protecting Church Leaders

44 views January 06, 2020

Dr. Jay Dennis will focus on encouraging pastors, staff team members and Christian leaders to...

Set Free Summit

Patrick Trueman/Dawn Hawkins - Policy Victories

36 views January 06, 2020

The movement to end sexual exploitation is here! This fight is no longer waged alone. Tens of...

Set Free Summit

Luke Gilkerson - Accountability in the Church

51 views January 06, 2020

While many people in the church believe accountability is a good idea, often the experience is...

Set Free Summit

Forum: Talking to Students

64 views January 06, 2020

Children in their teens and early twenties live in a culture that has accepted pornography as a...

Set Free Summit

Ron DeHaas - The Power of Accountability

79 views January 06, 2020

We now have data that clearly shows the connection between accountability and passing on the...

Set Free Summit

Forum: Brain Science and Porn

69 views January 06, 2020

When a person uses pornography, that person struggles not only spiritually but also...

Set Free Summit

For the Sake of Our Children: An Overview of...

35 views January 06, 2020

In April 2016, Josh McDowell Ministry and Covenant Eyes brought together nearly 900 leaders to...

Set Free Summit

Steve Arterburn - Pornography in the Church

41 views January 06, 2020

There is a reason the book read most about pornography is called Every Man's Battle. It could...

Set Free Summit

Kenny Luck - Fantasy Island

33 views January 06, 2020

Fantasy ranges from innocent to indecent. From Disney dreams to dark diversions, it is the...