10 Signs Your Husband Is Looking at Porn

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Porn addiction is a real phenomenon today, and many wives are concerned about it. In 2012 there are an analysis done of five different studies about porn consumption. The researchers concluded there is a consistent pattern: the more porn one consumes, the weaker your commitment is to your spouse.

Perhaps you suspect your husband is watching porn, but you just aren’t sure. You’ve never caught him looking at it, or maybe you have but you aren’t sure what the extent of it is. Here are 10 warning signs your husband is being impacted by porn. Keep in mind, none of these things alone are a litmus test, but they are signs to look for.

For more information about the meta-analysis of five different studies on this subject, see “A Love That Doesn’t Last: Pornography Consumption and Weakened Commitment to One’s Romantic Partner,” in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.