Accountability: The Golden Ticket to Life- Special Guest Davin Granroth, Covenant Eyes President and COO


There are many porn addiction resources out there that give great tips for overcoming porn. But what is the key ingredient to success when it comes to Christian porn recovery? 

Key topics covered in this episode:

  • The hidden secret behind accountability
  • Attacking the many tentacles of pornography
  • The generational curse that must be broken

More Information:

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Guest Bio:

Davin Granroth has been working for Covenant Eyes for 14 years and has been in his current position as President and Chief Operating Officer for nearly eight of those. He has helped design corporate strategy and structure, business models, vision, and culture, which has consistently led Covenant Eyes to be on the Inc 5000 11 times since 2010, a remarkably rare feat.

Davin has a passion for Covenant Eyes to be world-class because of seeing the incredibly destructive effects that pornography has on lives and relationships, crossing generations.

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