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Like the monkey with his hands over his mouth not wanting to speak of evil, the majority of pastors and Christian leaders are keeping silent about this evil that is destroying the minds, heart, and souls of children, teens, and young adults.

We have the most significant problem in our church that we're dealing with right here. No other problem affects more people in the church.

Just know as we already do that this material is more aggressive, more harmful, more violent, more degrading, and damaging than any other time in the history of the world and this generation growing up is dealing with it to an intensity and scale no other generation in the history of the world has ever had to.

A difference can be made. The church can be restored if people are willing to do something about it.

I know you want to hear the sounds of chains falling off of men and increasingly women and of those breaking free from the bondage of pornography. The church must make it a cause to lead families in the fight against pornography. The church must take the lead in cultural change but Barna shows on this slide only 7% of pastors say that they have any program whatsoever to deal with pornography.