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Set Free Summit

Forum: Counseling Towards Recovery

20 views January 06, 2020

Counseling is a nuanced practice, but when you need to counsel people who are in pain because of...

Set Free Summit

Dr. Judith Reisman - Porn: A Social Contagion...

24 views January 06, 2020

Around the middle of the 20th Century, Alfred Kinsey, Hugh Hefner, and others set out to redefine...

Set Free Summit

Jacob Aranza - Biblical View of Sexuality

26 views January 06, 2020

If you want to know what God wants to use then look at what the enemy is attacking. Anything...

Set Free Summit

Dr. Mary Anne Layden - Effects of Porn Use

102 views January 06, 2020

We know with the advent of the Internet, pornography is now pervasive and easily available. But...

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Michael Leahy - From Recovery to Redemption

31 views January 06, 2020

Just when the church needs it the most, a bold new solution to the problem of pornography and sex...

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David Kinnaman - The Porn Phenomenon

40 views January 06, 2020

What do Christians really think of pornography? Josh McDowell Ministry and Covenant Eyes have...

Set Free Summit

Dr. Ted Roberts - Is Real Revival Possible?

231 views January 06, 2020

In our clinical studies we have discovered that 60-72% of men sitting in the pews on the weekend...