SheSummit Interview with Sam Black and Crystal Day

Females struggle with porn too, so why do women who use porn feel so isolated and unusual?

Culture has painted pornography as a "male" problem, and only brings up women to illustrate them as porn actresses or the female partner to a male who is addicted.
Society forgets women have their own sexual desires outside of men.
Girls are often raised to not talk about sex and sexuality.

Culture has set female porn users up to feel like their problems with pornography make them different from their female peers. That's why we're co-hosting a 5-day virtual summit dedicated solely to the female porn user. We're going to get to the heart of female porn use, destroy the illusion that, as a woman using porn there's something wrong with you, and beat back the shame porn addiction instills to find a place of healing.

Pastors, Ministry Leaders and Women in the Church need to be present for this event!