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The Catholic Church and Pornography—4 Quick...

27 views July 28, 2020

In November 2015 the US Conference of Catholic Bishops approved a formal statement entitled,...


Sex Week—7 Weird Facts About an Odd College Trend

50 views July 28, 2020

A strange trend is hitting college campuses called Sex Week. On one occasion I was invited to...


How to Confess Your Porn Addiction to Your Spouse

56 views July 28, 2020

Don’t forget to pray. Ask God to prepare your spouse’s heart for your confession. Ask the Holy...


The Health Benefits of Masturbation

201 views July 28, 2020

Learn more at: http://cvnteyes.co/2qf2C2l I speak at a lot of conferences, and when I do, many...


How to Set Up the Covenant Eyes Filter

174 views January 06, 2020

Are you a Covenant Eyes Filter Guardian? Do you have questions about how to effectively set up...


Selflessness, Accountability, and Accomplishing...

99 views July 13, 2020

Episode 2. People turn to porn for a lot of reasons. Sexual desire, pain, boredom, and the list...


Connect Through Community

223 views July 08, 2020

To get more information click this link http://cvnteyes.co/2oyeonF Like the monkey with his...


The Covenant Eyes Affiliate Program

12,828 views June 24, 2020

Covenant Eyes wants to give you the opportunity to make money by getting behind a cause that...


Does watching porn affect your health?

91 views June 18, 2020

Many see porn as a harmless escape, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Hear some honest...


3 Reasons Anime Porn is Really Bad for You

2,116 views May 06, 2020

Today, there are a lot more people out there speaking out against pornography on the grounds that...


Quitting Porn (The Secret to Break Free for Good)

1,599 views January 06, 2020

Quitting porn alone never works. You need a sidekick. Batman needs Robin. Ant Man needs the...